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    Kaliningrad let the Polish diplomats go. Kremlin threatens Baltic states with nuclear bomb [VIDEO]

    Since the beginning of the war, we have received terrifying information about war crimes committed by Russia against the civilians in Ukraine. Recently, Poland expelled 45 Russian diplomats that carried out secret services in the territory of the Republic of Poland. Moreover, Polish diplomats were expelled as revenge.

    “Yesterday, April 13 during the expulsion of Polish diplomats, they were accompanied by Kaliningrad drivers. They drove in the spirit of the times: with flags, patriotic music and decorated cars, as a sign of support for the special operation in Ukraine,” it was posted on Twitter showing the video from the event.





    One of the areas particularly affected by sanctions against Russia is the Kaliningrad region. As a result of the visa blockade, about one million inhabitants of the county were cut off from the rest of the country.


    According to information provided on the portal, the inhabitants of the Kaliningrad area experienced the first sanctions firsthand. EU sanctions prevent Russian and Belarusian road hauliers from operating. The only exceptions to the ban are food transport and humanitarian aid. This makes life in the Russian enclave even more expensive. The inhabitants were outraged when they learned that a bag of grapes was sold for PLN 55. Sugar is quickly disappearing from stores, and there are reports of theft of products such as coffee. A sack of cement costs PLN 50, and a bucket of plaster – PLN 300. When the city of Gusev learned of the high costs, they began to distribute the land to the inhabitants so that they could grow the basic vegetables there.


    What about Sweden and Finland joining NATO? Russia threatens with nuclear weapons.


    Sweden and Finland are reviewing their security arrangements following Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. According to Sky News, Polls in both countries have shown support for joining NATO.


    On Thursday, the Russian Deputy Chief of the Security Council and former president Dmitry Medvedev there can be no talk of non-nuclear status for the Baltic” in case Finland and Sweden decide to become members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). Both countries have expressed their intention to join the Alliance following the Russian invasion of Ukraine.


    In response to what was said by Medvedev, Lithuanian Defence Minister Arvydas Anusauskas said Russia had already had nuclear weapons in the Baltic region.


    “The current Russian threats look quite strange when we know that, even without the present security situation, they keep the weapon 100km from Lithuania’s border,” the minister said in the interview with the BNS news agency.


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