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    The Russian army’s actions look more and more like a planned genocide

    Russia is waging a brutal war against Ukraine. The Russian army’s actions look more and more like a planned genocide,” Stanisław Żaryn wrote on Twitter. “At the same time, the Kremlin infects the whole world with a lie,” he added.

    Stanisław Żaryn, the Spokesperson of the Minister-Special Services Coordinator, wrote today about how the “Kremlin continues pushing hostile narrative against both Ukraine and the West.”


    “The analysis of the recent Russian information warfare activities shows that the outlets implicated in spreading disinformation have been harmonizing their message. This suggests that Russia is conducting a centralized information operation against Ukraine and the West,” Żaryn pointed out. 


    He also listed the main narratives Russia has weaponized and deployed against Ukraine. 


    – Ukraine is a fascist and Nazi state,

    – Ukraine is ruled by the Devil, and Ukrainians are Satanists,

    – Ukraine conducts a hybrid war against Russia,

    – Kyiv is exploited by the US,

    – “The special military operation” was launched in response to a direct attack by Ukrainian troops,

    – The Russian troops attack only military targets,

    – The massacre of Bucha was staged by Ukrainians. 

    “Much of the Russian effort is on smearing the image of Ukraine, questioning the successes of the latter’s defence and highlighting the aggressive actions of Kyiv,” Spokesperson of the Minister-Special Services added.


    What is more, Stanisław Żaryn also published the list of main narratives used by Russia against Poland. 


    – Poland instigates war and drags NATO into an armed conflict, 

    – Poland id “the liegeman” of US and UK,

    – Poland is Russophobic and hates Russia,

    – Poland’s reactions t Russian actions will not go unanswered,

    – The cooperation between Poland and the US risks putting the Poles in jeopardy,

    – Accepting the refugees from Ukraine poses threats to society and the state. 


    According to Żaryn, the efforts made by Russia against Poland are focused primarily on stirring up anti-Ukrainian sentiment and scarring the Poles. ‘In a bid to pit the Poles and the Ukrainians against each other, Russia propaganda is exploiting the issue of the Volhynia Massacre,” he added. 


    It is also worth noting that besides the aforementioned efforts, Russian propaganda continues its daily activities of pushing the narratives aimed at stirring up tensions between NATO and the EU Member States. Russia is still promoting its positive image. 


    As he summed up, the activities of Russian propaganda have all the hallmarks of a coordinated operation.

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