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    Hackers access presidential advisor's social media account

    A social media account belonging to an advisor to the Polish president was hacked and untrue information was posted on it, a national security chief has announced on Twitter.

    Stanislaw Zaryn, director of the National Security Department, tweeted that the account, belonging to Prof. Andrzej Wasko, had been infiltrated and content was posted on it intended to create enmity between Poles and Ukrainians.

    “The post contains untrue information the content of which fits in with Russian activities against Poland and Ukraine,” Zaryn wrote. “Information posted by the attackers contains lies, which are calculated to arouse hostility between Poles and Ukrainians. The post is meant to raise Ukrainians’ doubts towards Poles.”

    Zaryn added that the post had been commented on by Russian media outlets involved in disinformation campaigns against Poland.

    The post concerned was an apparent tweet by Wasko reporting that a criminal group in Poland was kidnapping Ukrainian refugees and harvesting their organs for sale in other EU countries.


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