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    Poland will try to convince Germany to supply Ukraine with weapons

    Poland’s prime minister said on Thursday that he would try to convince the German chancellor to change his mind about supplying arms to Ukraine.

    On Tuesday, Olaf Scholz said Germany was willing to finance supplies of heavy and anti-aircraft arms to Ukraine but would not provide the country with its weaponry. Scholz explained that deliveries of German armaments to Ukraine would deprive the German army of necessary defensive resources.


    On Thursday, German Defence Minister Christine Lambrecht said Germany would supply tanks and heavy weapons to Ukraine, but through equipment exchange channels between the EU and Nato states and not from German army resources. She added that the systems in question had belonged to the one-time German Democratic Republic.


    Later, on Thursday, Mateusz Morawiecki described Germany’s stance in the matter as “ambiguous,” and said he would try to convince Scholz to change his mind about supplying Ukraine with German military equipment.


    “It is very important for Ukraine to receive heavy weapons and ammunition, and Germany’s ambiguous position in this respect is certainly not helpful,” Morawiecki said. 

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