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    #StopRussiaNow. Campaign to awaken the conscience of Western Europe [PHOTOS]

    Today, prime minister Mateusz Morawiecki has launched the campaign #StopRussiaNow as a reminder of Russia’s ongoing crimes against the Ukrainian people. “Too soon, our partners in Western Europe want to return to normality. There’s no trace and no return to normality. “We cannot put the brutal murder on the agenda,” said the head of government.

    During a press conference outside the National Stadium in Warsaw, Prime Minister Morawiecki launched the #StopRussiaNow billboard and media campaign. As he stressed, this is supposed to be an action that will “awaken the conscience.”


    “Vladimir Putin has prepared a special operation – Operation War Crimes and Genocide. What is happening on the streets of Ukrainian cities shocks our conscience, but unfortunately not for a short time. Too quickly want our partners in Western Europe to return to normality. There’s no trace, no return to normality,” the Prime Minister said.


    He stressed that the aim of the action is to “become the cry of those who were cruelly murdered on the streets of Ukrainian cities and villages.”


    “We cannot put this on the agenda. It is a testimony of how we, as humanity, react to what has happened in Ukraine,” Mateusz Morawiecki added.


    The head of government stressed that the billboards move to the cities of Western Europe, and the action will strengthen social media.


    “I will travel to Germany, to other countries, to remind them of the crimes in Ukraine. (…) This action is called #StopRussiaNow, now, because every minute brutal Russian soldiers murder the innocent on the orders of the Kremlin. This isn’t arbitrariness, this is a special operation. Putin said on the first day after the invasion that he wanted to destroy this nation [Ukrainian] and come for more,” Morawiecki said.


    Katerina Sukhomlynova, the Ukrainian lifeguard from Mariupol, warned during a press conference on Saturday that bombs could explode not only on Ukrainian territory but also in other European cities.


    “We should coalesce. We should adopt the sanctions packages faster. Stop buying energy from Russia today. Because we become accomplices to murder and crime by financing Russia and buying oil and gas from Russia,” the lifeguard stressed. She also described that she had witnessed the atrocities of the war being waged by Russia in Ukraine.


    “I repeat, it is difficult for me to say this because I know how much the war costs Ukraine every day. Today in Mariupol, 100,000 Ukrainians are waiting for the chance to get out of this hell, they are getting quieter and quieter, but they are crying out “Help.” I appeal to the entire international community to make an effort. There are still ways to influence the Russian Federation to allow the civilian population to leave Mariupol,” Katerina Suchomlynowa called.

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