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    Polish and Ukrainian PMs condemn Russia and seal cooperation in grain exports

    Tougher sanctions on Russia and Polish aid for Ukraine’s grain exports dominated talks between Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki and his Ukrainian counterpart Denys Shmyhal, in Krakow, southern Poland, on Saturday.

    During the meeting, Morawiecki and Shmyhal signed a cooperation memorandum under which Poland’s railways would help Ukraine send its grain exports to the EU and other markets.


    “Ukraine is a major grain exporter. In order for this grain to be exported, transport is necessary. And this is precisely why we have sealed this memorandum – so that the grain can be exported worldwide,” Morawiecki told a televised press conference with Shmyhal after the talks.


    Morawiecki and Shmyhal also condemned Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and stated that the current sanctions imposed on Russia after the attack were insufficient.


    Later on Saturday, Morawiecki wrote on social media that tougher sanctions on Russia should include oil, gas and coal embargoes.


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