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    Over 1 mln Ukrainian war refugees receive PESEL in Poland

    Poland has already issued over 1 million PESEL identity numbers to war refugees from Ukrainian, a government commissioner for refugees has said.

    Pawel Szefernaker wrote on Twitter, on Monday, that 47.9 percent of all PESEL numbers had been assigned to children below 18 years of age, 44.9 percent to women aged 18-65, 3.8 percent to men aged 18-65, and 3.4 percent to women and men above the age of 65.

    Some 2.94 million people have crossed Poland’s border with Ukraine since Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24, according to the most recent data of the Polish Border Guard.

    A total of 860,000 people left Poland for Ukraine.

    Under a special act on aid to refugees from Ukraine, they can receive a PESEL number which gives them access to public services, such as healthcare and schools, and allows them to pay taxes. A new law signed by the Polish president on March 13 also permits them access to the Polish labour market. 

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