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    As western armour and guns roll to Ukraine, the country fights for survival [VIDEO]

    We start with the tragic accidents in Silesian mines. There were methane explosions in the Pniówek mine and, a few days later, there was a shock wave in the Zofiówka mine. In total, 12 miners were confirmed to have died in both cases. But four employees of the Zofiówka mine and seven from the Pniówek mine are still missing. There are 20 in hospital – some of them are in serious condition. 



    The 61st day of the Russian invasion of Ukraine has passed. The civilians sheltered in the Azovstal plant in Mariupol are begging for help. Russian forces continue their attack despite the fact that Easter was celebrated in the Eastern churches on Sunday. The Russians continue to drop aerial bombs, use naval artillery, shoot from tanks, and infantry attacks continue.



    The French have decided. President Emmanuel Macron has won the presidential election with 58.5% of the vote compared with the 41.5% won by Marine Le Pen, to become the first sitting president to be re-elected in 20 years. Despite losing, Le Pen’s share of the vote was the highest ever yet by the far-right in a presidential election.


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