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    Rescuers detect lamp signals from missing miners in Zofiowka

    Teams of rescuers who are trying to reach four miners who went missing after a tremor shook the Zofiowka coal mine in southern Poland, on Saturday, have managed to detect signals from emergency beacons located in the miners’ lamps.

    Six miners have been pronounced dead after the accident, and four others who are missing have been trapped underground since Saturday.

    Rescuers have been extending a pipeline which pumps fresh air into the mine shaft where the rescue operations are taking place as well as pumping out water from the excavation area, the mine owner, JSW, wrote on Twitter on Tuesday morning.

    The signals were detected in the flooded area, Tomasz Cudny, CEO of JSW, said on Monday night.

    “We have received four signals,” Cudny said. “Two of them are almost overlapping.”

    The Zofiowka mine was hit by a tremor, accompanied by a methane discharge, at 3:40 a.m. on Saturday, some 900 metres underground, forcing dozens of workers to flee the mine. Ten miners, however, were unaccounted for at that time.


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