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    The German policy of Russian-German interdependence is 'bankrupt'

    Poland’s prime minister has described Germany’s strategy based on Russian-German reciprocity as “bankrupt,” adding that Poland is trying to convince its western neighbour to end its dependence on Russian energy.

    Mateusz Morawiecki was speaking after meeting his Czech counterpart Petr Fiala on Friday for talks dominated by the war in Ukraine and energy.


    “Today we can see clearly that the German policy based on Russian-German interdependence has gone bankrupt,” said Morawiecki.


    He added that the construction of the Nord Stream 1 and Nord Stream 2 gas pipelines had turned out to be a huge mistake.


    “Which does not mean, after all, that we are not trying to cooperate with Germany and not trying to change their opinion and attitude of further dependence on Russia,” he noted. “That is what is happening today.”


    “Just as we did not fundamentally agree, and still do not today, for example, with Germany’s policy towards mandatory quotas, quotas on the distribution of migrants and refugees which concerned then those from the Middle East, so did we not agree and do not agree with the policy of a dependence on Russia when it comes to coal and, in particular, oil and gas,” said Morawiecki.


    “And, we are trying to change the attitude of our partners regarding these issues.”

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