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    PM prolongs CHARLIE-CRP alert level

    Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki on Friday signed a decree prolonging the alert levels BRAVO and CHARLIE-CRP until May 15, the Government Security Centre (RCB) has announced.

    From mid-February, the ALFA-CRP alert level was introduced throughout the country and the levels of alarm were raised as Russia’s invasion against Ukraine progressed.


    “The BRAVO alert level is related to the geopolitical situation,” RCB tweeted on Friday night.


    “The CRP level is aimed to prevent threats in cyberspace,” RCB added.


    CRP levels are introduced in the event of a terrorist threat that concerns public administration ICT systems or systems that are part of the critical infrastructure.


    ALFA is the first level of alarm, BRAVO – the second, CHARLIE – the third, and DELTA – the fourth, the highest.


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