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    The Dragon‘s Garden in Krakow

    It has been 50 years since the Wawel Dragon statue was erected. On this occasion, sculptures of its creator Bolesław Chromy appeared in the Royal Gardens. The exhibition can be visited from 30 April.

    The open-air exhibition in the gardens of the Wawel Royal Castle commemorates the 50th anniversary of the construction of the Wawel Dragon statue. Its creator was the great artist Bolesław Chromy, who died in 2017.


    If you walk around Wawel Hill today, you can’t miss the works of Bronislaw Chrome. These include a group of three monumental eagles from 1992 stands as a remarkably vivid monument to the Soldiers of Fighting Poland or “Dżok the dog,” which is an expression of dog loyalty.


    The open-air exhibition in the Royal Gardens also featured many interesting sculptures by the artist.


    “My father’s studio was my favourite playground. I was absorbing what was happening there. I saw the molten metal that enclosed the pebbles and all the beautiful sculptures that we can see in the exhibition today,” Grażyna Chromy-Rościszewska, the artist’s daughter, told LoveKraków. 


    “Peacock”, “Cranes”, “Sheep”, “Flamingos”, “Owls”, “Frogs” and “Grebes” are just some of the artist’s works that adorn the Royal Gardens. The exhibition is open from 30 April to 30 September.

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