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    Frogs' social life is blooming in May!

    In spring, when the air temperature gradually rises and the water in the smaller reservoirs warms up, the amphibians start mating. The beautiful frogs’ song of mating calls – croaking – spreads through the forest and meadows.

    Frogs are very useful creatures. They feed on all insects, spiders, and snails. They even eat Colorado potato beetles and wasps. We have to remember and pinpoint that all amphibians in Poland are under protection. Therefore, drivers should carefully drive past water bodies, especially during the mating season.


    In Poland you can even visit a special place devoted to frogs, that means the Frog Museum in Kudowa Zdrój. The museum has a collection of over 3,000 exhibits from nearly 20 countries and 6 continents. Due to the constant expansion of the collection,  the museum asks all interested parties to donate more items with the image of a frog, which will become exhibits in our museum.

    The idea to create the Frog Museum arose during the meeting of members of the cultural association of Kudowa with Krzysztof Baldy, an employee of the Stołowe Mountains National Park. Since 1997, he has been actively protecting amphibians in the Stołowe Mountains.

    The collection began with the exhibits received from Dr Johannes Muller-Nestler, a member of the cultural association of Kudowa. What’s interesting, he lived in Berlin on the street … Kudowastrasse! (


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