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    The summary of the day – US Nancy Pelosi in Kyiv. Poland celebrates 18 years as EU member state [VIDEO]

    On May 1, 2004, Poland joined the European Union. Since then, the Community has undergone many transformations and has had to face new crises. The most serious of these included the wave of migrants coming in from the Middle East, Brexit, and now, the war in Ukraine. Here’s our report on the last 18 years of Poland’s membership in the EU.



    The Russians continue their offensive in Donbas. The shelling of other cities is also increasing. In the face of the war that has been going on for more than two months, the United States has announced another tranche of aid for Ukraine worth thirty-three billion dollars. As an expression of support, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, flew to Kyiv.



    European countries most reliant on Russian gas are facing a tough future as the Kremlin is making good on its threats and has started shutting off gas shipments. While in Germany officials fighting over who should be in line for the gas that’s left, the government of the Czech Republic is trying to find other solutions. 



    John Lee, Hong Kong’s candidate to become its next leader, announced yesterday that under his leadership, the city-state will start an entirely new chapter in its history. The global financial hub will choose a new chief executive on May 8th, in an election where Lee is the only approved candidate. 

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