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    “Echo of trembita” – the Lesser Poland Brass Band Festival

    The Lesser Poland Brass Band Festival “Echo of trembita” is the annual competition meeting of the best brass bands from the Lesser Poland Voivodeship. It is one of the most prestigious and largest cyclical events of the amateur music movement. The main goal of the Festival is to promote and raise the artistic level of amateur brass bands – there is a chance to present their current achievements, exchange experiences, perfect the music skills, and find the inspiration for a new repertoire.

    The name of the festival is connected with the instrument trembita. 

    • The trembita (from the old Germanic trumba, “to trumpet”) is an alpine horn made of wood. It is common among Ukrainian highlanders Hutsuls who live in western Ukraine, eastern Poland, Slovakia, and northern Romania. In Poland it is known as a trombita (in the south), a bazuna (in the north), or a ligawka (in central Poland). (





    The history of the festival is related to the administrative reform of the Gierek-era when the young Nowy Sącz Voivodeship (now superseded by Lesser Poland Voivodeship) wanted to popularise the amateur music movement, especially brass bands whose traditions are dated to the mid-nineteenth century. 


    The beginning was difficult. In the first Reviews, only a few orchestras entered the competition. However, over time the information that it is worth coming to Nowy Sącz not only for awards, but also for education spread.


    “Echo of trembita” is a huge and well-organized event. Behind the competition concerts, orchestral parades, and the country’s largest festival of brass bands, there are months of preparation and work of people from the SOKÓŁ Małopolska Culture Center, the cultural institution of the Lesser Poland in  Nowy Sącz.


    This year, the district qualifications will be held from May 3rd to June 12th.


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