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    A new stamps with the image of Our Lady, Black Madonna of Częstochowa

    Yesterday, a new unique stamp was presented in the Knights’ Hall in Jasna Góra. The vice president of Polish Post and the prior of Jasna Góra (English: Bright Mount) took part in the presentation. The stamp commemorates Our Lady, Black Madonna of Częstochowa. The stamp was created in cooperation with the Order of Saint Paul the First Hermit, commonly called the Pauline Fathers.

    The series of stamps “Patrons of Poland” promotes the history, spirit, and Polish culture. “Polish Post honors with stamps those events and people that are important to us”, the vice-president of Polish Post Wiesław Włodek emphasized.


    The Black Madonna is said to have miraculously saved the monastery of Jasna Góra (English: Bright Mount) from a Swedish invasion. The Siege of Jasna Góra took place in the winter of 1655 during the Second Northern War, as the Swedish invasion of the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth is known. (



    The stamp with the Queen of Poland from Jasna Góra is the fifth of the securieties included in the “Patrons of Poland” series. In 2018, the Polish Post introduced a stamp with the image of St. Stanisław Kostka, in 2019 St. Adalbert, in 2020 St. Andrzej Bobola, and in 2021 St. Stanisław from Szczepanów.

    The value of the 2022 stamp is PLN 8, and the circulation is 117.000 copies.


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