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    Poland declares EUR 2.1 mln in humanitarian aid for Syria

    At an EU conference in Brussels, Poland has declared over EUR 2.1 million in aid for Syrians in connection with the war there and highlighted its support of Ukrainian war refugees.

    At the ‘Supporting the future of Syria and the region’ conference organised by the European Union, Poland’s ambassador to the bloc, Andrzej Sados, said on Tuesday: “One of the most urgent global priorities for 2022 is improving food security.”


    One of the key subjects for discussion at the conference was humanitarian aid for Syrians.


    “Eleven years of war have caused huge suffering of the Syrian nation,” Sados said. “Over half of the 22-million pre-war population of Syria have fled their homes. I would like to especially thank Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey for support of refugees. Today Poland, an even better understanding of the challenges and difficulties facing people forced to flee their homes, in a gesture of solidarity with them and their host societies, declares PLN 10,111,000, or about EUR 2.1 million in 2022.”


    Sados added that more than 13 million people in Ukraine have had to abandon their homes to escape from war and they also need humanitarian aid, pointing out that about 3.3 million of them had come to Poland.


    Sados said Russia’s invasion of Ukraine represented a real threat to food security and European and global food supply chains, affecting many countries including Syria.


    “Russian aggression is violent and we must immediately limit Russia’s capacity to finance the war with Ukraine,” Sados added.

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