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    Prime Minister’s article angered quite a few Kremlin officials

    Prime Minister Morawiecki’s article published in “Daily Telegraph” angered quite a few Kremlin officials. Oleg Morozov, Russian MP and one of the top politicians of Putin’s party, has stated that “Poland should be the next in the line for denazification process after Ukraine.”

    “Russia’s monstrous ideology must be defeated”


    “It is the equivalent of 20th-century communism and Nazism – and it poses a deadly threat to Europe. The “end of history” was supposed to bring about an end to ideology. Thirty years ago, we all fell into a blissful forgetfulness. The farther west one ventured, the easier it was to believe that the world would forever remain an oasis of peace. Meanwhile, in Moscow, work was under way to resurrect the demand of history. Today, the cursed phantoms of the 20th century have risen again over Ukraine,” Morawiecki wrote. 


    “The paradox of the 20th century was that the more advanced our civilization appeared, the more it showed itself to be monstrous. Fascism – in Germany as Nazism, and in Russia as communism stepped in nihilism – led to the greatest tragedy in the history of mankind. Both these ideologies had one thing in common: man ceased to be and end in himself and became merely a means. Human dignity was sacrificed on the altar of insane fantasies: a world revolution of the proletariat or the thousand-year rule of a master race. These visions foresaw that some were to rule while others were to be subjugated. Jews, kulaks, capitalists, specific nations – including my own – were to disappear from this world or, at best, to be enslaved”.


    “Putin is neither Hitler nor Stalin. Unfortunately, he is more dangerous (…) Putin’s “Russkiy-Mir” ideology is the equivalent of 20th-century communism and Nazism. It is an ideology through which Russia justifies invented rights and privileges for its country.


    Prime Minister Morawiecki’s article angered quite a few Kremlin officials




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