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    Survey: Most Poles support the embargo on Russian energy

    As many as 73 percent of Poles support sanctions on Russian oil, gas and coal in reaction to Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, a survey shows.

    In an SW Research poll carried out for, the online service of Poland’s national daily Rzeczpospolita, only 11.7 percent of respondents were against sanctions while 15.3 percent had no opinion on the issue.


    Poland officially supports Ukraine’s appeal to the West to impose a total embargo on Russian energy imports. Kyiv argues that Moscow uses the proceeds from the sales of oil, gas and coal to finance its war in Ukraine.


    The EU has been debating its sixth package of sanctions against Russia, which also includes an embargo on Russian oil.


    The survey was conducted on 800 adult online respondents between May 10 and 11, 2022.  

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