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    Ukrainian grain exports may come through Poland

    Ukrainian grain exports could be routed through Poland as an alternative to the Black Sea, Poland’s agriculture minister said on Monday.

    At the moment the war in Ukraine is blocking the country’s traditional export route via the Black Sea.


    “Communication routes that could be an alternative to the blocked ports of the Black Sea lead through Poland, its seaports and other European countries,” said Henryk Kowalczyk.


    “Increasing rail and road transport from Ukraine via Poland is of great importance,” added Kowalczyk.


    The minister emphasised that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has led to the destabilisation of agricultural markets.


    “The war may also have a negative impact on the amount of future harvests, as well as deepening the supply and demand situation in the world. Under the conditions of war, the problem is the export of agricultural products,” said Kowalczyk.


    The deputy prime minister added that cooperation between Poland and Ukraine also included the creation of a joint Ukrainian-Polish company that would deal with the export of Ukrainian grain and its transport.

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