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    Pensioners to receive 14th monthly pension again

    The Polish government has decided to pay out PLN 11.4 billion (EUR 2.45 billion) in an additional allowance for old-age pensioners to cushion the impact of high inflation.

    Senior citizens whose monthly pensions do not exceed PLN 2,900 (EUR 623.69) will receive PLN 1,338.44 (EUR 287.89) as a one-off payment in August, the second such extra money this year, according to a draft law adopted by the government on Tuesday.

    People with higher pensions will receive a reduced payment.

    Marlena Malag, the family and labour minister, told PAP that the move was “a response to inflation because although it is caused by external factors, we’re fighting it on many fronts.”

    According to the Family and Labour Ministry, some 7.7 million old-age pensioners will receive the additional payment in the full amount and 1.3 million in a reduced amount. 

    Pensioners received the 14th pension last year as well.


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