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    Poland may involve state, private firms in rebuilding Ukraine

    Polish state-owned companies will likely take part in the process of rebuilding Ukraine from war damage, the state assets minister has said, adding that he was looking for ways to involve the private sector as well.

    On Friday, Jacek Sasin told the broadcaster Radio Plus that the government had been working for a few weeks to create an offer of how Polish companies could help reconstruct Ukrainian cities and infrastructure.


    “The future is ahead, the reconstruction is ahead and the companies could play a role in it,” he said, adding that the state-owned companies had already reported to the ministry on how they could be involved in the process. “I also want to involve private entities to make our offer as comprehensive as possible,” Sasin added.


    “We’ll be presenting a report on the Polish companies’ offer to the Ukrainian side,” the minister said.


    “The prospects for peace in Ukraine are still very distant,” Sasin admitted but said he wanted Poland to be ready to help when the war ends.

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