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    Poland and Portugal strive for unity within the EU and NATO

    Mateusz Morawiecki, the Polish prime minister, said after a meeting with his Portuguese counterpart that both countries are working closely to maintain unity within the European Union and NATO.

    He told a Friday press conference that his talks with Antonio Costa focused on Russia’s war on Ukraine and its consequences.


    “We must do everything possible to ensure that Russian troops leave Ukraine as soon as possible… for this, we need unity within the EU and NATO… and Poland and Portugal are working hand in hand to maintain this unity,” Morawiecki said after the meeting.


    He added that both Poland and Portugal agree that “we must become independent from Russian hydrocarbons once and for all” and move towards renewable energy sources.


    Morawiecki also said that he talked with Costa about special solutions and an accelerated path of accession to the EU for Ukraine.


    “While some EU countries protest violently, we want to work out together with Portugal an appropriate package that will be attractive for Ukraine and will show that Ukraine’s place is in the EU,” he said.


    Costa expressed “full solidarity, but also admiration for Poland for the ways Poland supported Ukraine, welcomed refugees from that country.


    He pledged that Portugal is ready to support Poland in its humanitarian aid for refugees and provide assistance in kind, also in terms of food and first-use items.


    Costa also praised Poland for the measures it has taken to ensure its energy independence and declared that Portugal wants to support the country “in its exceptional efforts when it comes to energy security and sustainable development.”

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