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    26 May – the date of the funeral of Lt. Col. Aleksandra Zagórska, founder of the Voluntary Legion of Women (Polish: Ochotnicza Legia Kobiet (OLK))

    A founder of the Voluntary Legion of Women (Polish: Ochotnicza Legia Kobiet (OLK)) Lt. Col. Aleksandra Zagórska died in 1965 and was burried in Bródno. Today, her remains have been buried solemnly in the section of Graves of Polish soldiers from 1920, next to the Mother’s Tomb of the Unknown Soldier Jadwiga Zarugiewicz in Powązki Cemetery.

    Aleksandra Zagórska was a Lieutenant Colonel in the Polish Armed Forces, a soldier in the Legions, an organiser, commandant of the Voluntary Legion of Women, and an independence activist. She had a son, Jerzy Bitschan, who at 14 years of age, as a Lwow Eaglet, took an active part in the Defence of Lwow and fell on 21 November 1918. He was buried at the Cemetery of the Defenders of Lwów, therefore a casket with the cemetery’s soil has been put next to his mother’s grave.


    Voluntary Legion of Women (Polish: Ochotnicza Legia Kobiet (OLK)) was a voluntary Polish paramilitary organization, created by women in Lviv in late 1918. At that time possession of the city was contested by the Poles and Ukrainians, and women decided to assist the Polish soldiers in all possible ways, including fighting on the front line. (


    The ceremony took place on the Polish Mother’s Day not without reason.


    According to several years of tradition, on Mother’s Day, we lay flowers on the tomb of the symbolic Mother of the Unknown Soldier, the Armenian Mother Jadwiga Zarugiewicz. In this way, we want to honor the memory of all the mothers of the fallen soldiers, the Office for War Veterans and Victims of Oppression informs on





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