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    5-Year-Old Dies After Being Stabbed by a Senior Citizen in Poznań

    A 5-year-old boy named Maurycy tragically lost his life on the operating table following a knife attack by a 71-year-old assailant in Poznań. The elderly man targeted preschoolers while they were on a walk, and he has been apprehended. The motives behind his actions remain unknown.

    The attack occurred in the Łazarz district of Poznań, near the intersection of Karwowskiego and Łukaszewicza streets. According to one parent whose child attended the same preschool, the children were on an excursion to the post office, accompanied by their teachers, to celebrate Mailman Day.

    An eyewitness who observed the attack reported that the 71-year-old man struck a passing boy with a single blow. After stabbing the 5-year-old, Zbysław C. stepped back and made no further attempts to harm other children.

    First responders initiated resuscitation at the scene. Subsequently, the injured boy was transported to the hospital, where he was immediately taken into surgery. It was revealed that young Maurycy had been stabbed in the chest, and unfortunately, he did not survive.

    Prior to this incident, the 71-year-old suspect had no known criminal record and no apparent connections with the child or his family. The motives behind the attack remain a mystery, as stated by Andrzej Borowiak, the police spokesperson in Poznań.

    The assailant was apprehended in the Łazarz district of Poznań, near the location of the attack. He is currently in police custody, and it is likely that he will face charges tomorrow.

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