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    21st Dragon Parade in Krakow [PHOTOS & VIDEO]

    Yesterday (June 5) in Krakow was another edition of the Dragon Parade, a yearly demonstration of handmade mascots shaped like dragons. This year’s theme was the ancient architecture of Poland. The event lasted two days, June 4th and 5th.

    The Dragon Festivals started in 2000 when the head of Groteska Theatre Adolf Weltschek came up with this idea. The Festival is divided into three parts: Family Picnic near Dragon’s Den, Open-Air Night Spectacle and the Dragon Parade at Market Square.

    The Family Picnic lasted from 10 A.M. to 8 P.M. on June 4th. It was full of games such as tracking down dragons, rolling dragon eggs and walking in dragon skin. There were also arching exercises, competitions and awards. Later on Saturday, the Open-Air Night Spectacle started. From 10 P.M. visitors could see gigantic dragon balloons, animated to act out plays. 

    You can watch the show below ⤵️


    The main attraction – the Dragon Parade – started at 12 P.M. on Sunday the 5th. During the parade, 22 dragon figurines built by primary school pupils competed for the title of the prettiest dragon. The creatures were inspired by the historical architecture in Poland, but also mystical creatures from other cities – among the mascots were a mixture of Wawel Dragon, the Mermaid of Warsaw and the eagle from the Polish emblem. Music during the demonstration was played by Cracovian bands Sorrir Por Favor!, Capoeira UNICAR and Staromiejska Krakow Orchestra.

    You can see photos from the event below and on Krakow’s website.


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