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    Will Ukrainian ships leave ports? Lavrov: Russia is ready to ensure safety

    Ukrainian ships are unable to leave ports since the beginning of the war. There is also a problem with Ukrainian grain export due to the war. Polish parliament declared help in this regard. Today, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov announces that Russia would ensure the safety of ships leaving Ukrainian ports.

    Sergey Lavrov pays a visit to his Turkish counterpart Mevlut Cavusoglu in Ankara today (June 8). During the joint press conference Russian foreign minister declared the safety of ships leaving Ukrainian ports. 


    “We are ready to ensure the safety of ships leaving Ukrainian ports and heading for the straits. We are prepared to do this in cooperation with the Turkish counterparts,” Lavrov said.


    He also pointed out that the whole “Ukrainian export crisis” is because of “Kyiv’s stubbornness.”


    He also called for Ukrainians to demine coastal waters. Lavrov also promised that the Russian military would not use this for the purpose of a naval invasion of Ukraine. 


    “We guarantee that if Ukraine decides to demine the waters and allow ships to leave its ports, we will not use this situation in the interests of the special military operation that is being conducted. These are President Putin’s guarantees, we can formalize them one way or another,” he said.


    “If they have now changed their mind, then there will be no difficulties on our side,” he added.


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