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    Wlodarczyk captured a car thief. Unfortunately, she paid a price for it

    The three-time Olympic champion shines not only in stadiums. Anita Włodarczyk independently captured a thief who tried to steal her car. However, the price for this was high.

    As she announced on social media, a man was to break into her car. The athlete independently apprehended the thief and handed him over to the relevant services. Włodarczyk, who was able to throw a 4-kilogram hammer nearly 83 metres, said that the robber “got for it”. However, it was not without losses.


    “A foreigner broke into my car. I had been able to catch him on my own and turned him in.  Unfortunately, I got a muscle injury. The injury has been diagnosed. Surgery is scheduled for Monday. I thank the Polish Police for their quick intervention. After my career, I would probably try MMA fights because the perpetrator got hurt,” she wrote on Twitter.


    As reported by, due to the injury, the athlete resigned from participating in the Polish Championships in Suwalki. “The decision was made at the last minute,” informed the portal.


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