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    Russia’s day of freedom from Putinism

    On June 12, Russia is celebrating its national day. Originally it was known as Russia Independence Day. On Sunday, Russian expats living in Warsaw organised the march against Vladimir Putin and his invasion of Ukraine. According to the PAP news agency, the protest was held under the motto “Russia’s day of freedom from Putinism”.

    The march from Warsaw’s Constitution Square to the Ukrainian embassy was peaceful and no riots took place. The demonstrators carried placards with slogans in support of their beliefs such as “No to war”, “Putler kaput” and “Free Russia”. In addition, they chanted “Russia without Putin” and “Solidarity is our strength” raising white-blue-white flags of Free Russia. A group of Poles, Ukrainians, and Belarusians also joined the protest. 

    The participants called for a democratisation of Russia and for the Kremlin to end its aggression against Ukraine. They also addressed the Russian ambassador to Poland, chanting: “Andreev, you will go to prison,” reports the PAP news agency.


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