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    Wife's infidelity as a punishment for improper parking? Controversial ad in Gdynia about disabled [VIDEO]

    A wave of criticism has been raised by an advertisement in Gdynia warning against parking in places for the disabled. On the Internet, we can read many comments condemning this campaign.

    On Friday, Gdynia surprised us by publishing a daring, but – according to many viewers – imprudent advertising spot, which is supposed to discourage unauthorised people from parking in places for the disabled. The video has already recorded over 190,000 views and gathered nearly 530 comments. We do not know what induced the authors of Gdynia’s newest advertisement to do it that way, but it is clear that they wanted to show the drastic effects of switching places. And they placed a person with a disability in the bed of the wife of a man who had parked badly. In this way, they wanted to warn people not to block parking spaces for people with disabilities “just in case”. 

    The video shows a pair of lovers waking up in the morning. The woman asks her adventurous partner for his name and suggests he stay for breakfast. However, he gets into his wheelchair and wants to leave the flat. At this time, another man enters the premises with flowers, as you can guess – the woman’s husband. At the end of the video, he is comforted by the woman who betrayed him.

    Alongside the video, Gdynia officials posted a description reminding us that only people with a parking card can stop in parking spaces for people with disabilities.  

    “A film spot, which was produced in cooperation with the Pomeranian Film Foundation, also warns against occupying a parking space intended for people with disabilities. The topic is presented in the film in an unusual way. It makes us reflect on occupying roles or places that do not belong to us and that we should not occupy,”

    explained the officials.

    Can such an advert appeal to the senses of people occupying parking spaces that are not their own? We publish the video below and leave the opinion to you.






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