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    Volleyball Nations League: After a difficult match, Poland won against Thailand [VIDEO]

    It started badly but ended well. In their sixth game in the Nations League, Polish volleyball women’s players were losing to Thailand already 0:2 but eventually defeated them. Stefano Lavarini’s team won after a tie-break in their first meeting during the tournament in the Philippines.

    The Polish team was awaited by the volleyball players from Thailand, who lost only one of five matches in the Nations League.


    In the first set, Polish volleyball players entered uncertainly. It also took a long time for the Thai to find the right game. The beginning of the second part heralded a better game of the Polish representation. However, the joy did not last long because even before the technical break, the Thais drew (10:10) and a moment later had a two-point lead. The second set also ended with the victory of Thailand. 


    The next set started causing more and more problems for the Thai. The beginning of the third and fourth set belonged to the Poles. So, from a difficult situation, and after four sets, the Poles drew with Thai 2:2.


    The tie-break also started well. Poles had a chance to come out on top at 13:10, but with the clumsiness, it became 12:13. In the most crucial moment, however, Górecka sent a service ace, and Polish players had a match ball, which they used with an effective block (15:13).



    Poland – Thailand 3:2 (22-25, 27-29, 25-16, 25-16, 15-13)

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