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    Soldiers of Independence

    The bloodiest conflict in Europe since the Second World War is taking place before our eyes. About one million Ukrainians are armed and fight to stop the Kremlin’s onslaught. However, it is not only the army but the entire Ukrainian nation that is fighting the Russians. It is the great mobilisation of millions of people that enables them to successfully hold back the second world army. The conflict in Ukraine happened because the country did not join NATO in time and did not have thousands of allied troops on its territory. In addition, Putin overestimated the combat capabilities of his army and underestimated the Ukrainians.

    If there was a similar situation in Poland, he would also attack our country. Like a few times in the history of the last three hundred years, we have won a major battle with our enemies before we have gone to war. Poland is in NATO. We have at least a dozen thousand troops of allied countries on our territory. We are rapidly expanding the army and we are prepared for a Russian attack economically by creating an energy infrastructure independent of Moscow and healing the state finances. 


    All this (apart from joining NATO, which happened earlier) would not have been possible without the double-winning elections in 2015 and then the subsequent victories of the patriotic party. Such a victory back in 2014 seemed like fantasy even to the PiS (Law and Justice Party) leaders themselves. And yet the miracle happened. It would not have been possible without tens of thousands of committed activists across Poland. The absolute vanguard of this movement was the “Gazeta Polska” clubs. Hundreds of clubs and thousands of club members organised meetings and demonstrations for change in Poland. It was the work of many, still anonymous today, that caused people who had been inactive up to that point to go and vote. Those who doubted suddenly made a decisive choice, even one undetected by social research. No one can realistically count the extent of these actions, but without them, the priceless percentages necessary for victory would probably have been missing. No wonder in many opposition parties there were attempts to copy this movement. KOD (Committee for the Defence of Democracy) or Citizens of Poland are inept imitations of our clubs. Incompetent, because they are devoid of the most essential elements from which the clubs grew. That is why these attempts did not survive. On the other hand, there were actions aimed at dividing or destroying clubs. Attempts were made, for example, to divide us with the brawl with the Jews, which was very damaging to Poland. Then, after an outbreak of war in Ukraine in 2014, the opposition undermined the sense of support for that country. Today it is known, it is known for sure, that many of these activities were organised by pro-Russian circles with the prominent support of the Kremlin services, taking advantage of the naivety of often good-hearted people.  


    Recently, even the same information channels on the Internet have been used to organise protests against rising fuel prices. Protests of this kind are intended to weaken sanctions against Russia, and after all, these sanctions must involve unpleasant costs for us all. 


    The attempt to split the “Gazeta Polska” clubs was highly unsuccessful thanks to their great strength and vitality. Our club members are soldiers of an independent Poland. As long as we are strong, Poland is safe from anyone who wants to steal our freedom. The next congress of “GP” clubs will be a true celebration of a free Poland.

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