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    Poland’s museums treasures

    A vernissage of “Leonardiana in Polish collections” has been opened at the Museum of King Jan III’s Palace in Wilanów. It is an exhibition thanks to which we can discover wonderful works of art referring to the work of Leonardo da Vinci.

    The exhibition presents 39 objects, including six paintings (on canvas, board and parchment) as well as graphics and drawings corresponding formally and in terms of content with the painting “Savior of the World” (“Salvator Mundi”) from the collections of the Museum of King Jan III’s Palace in Wilanów, which is the central exposure point. As the organizers of the exhibition emphasize, nowadays several versions of the paintings that make up such a composition created in the 16th century are known. The Wilanów’ painting has been the subject of historical and conservation research carried out in cooperation with research centers in Poland and abroad for a long time. The exhibition refers to the heritage of Leonardo da Vinci (as the heritage of the master’s ideas, forms and workshop), and also initiates new research areas, showing both unusual works and their history and the background of their acquisition. Part of the exhibition is also the presentation of technologically advanced image testing methods and ways to assess their age. The exhibition is open until October 15, 2020.

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