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    Russian troops fired cluster munitions at people on a beach [PHOTOS]

    Russian troops fired cluster shells on Tuesday at residents of the town of Tsentiv Yar, who were relaxing on a beach by a pond. The attack left one person dead and 11 wounded, Donetsk regional government head Pavlo Kyrylenko wrote on Telegram.

    According to the governor, six children were injured.


    “This is another war crime of the occupiers on our land. We document all such cases in detail, the enemies will be called to account for everything,” Kyrylenko wrote.


    On Tuesday evening, the head of the regional administration reported that a total of one person had been killed and 19 wounded in the Donetsk region on that day.



    The town of Tver Yar, located near Bakhmut in the northern part of the Donetsk region, had a population of 12,000 before the Russian invasion. Previously, invading forces shelled the town in early May.



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