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    Polish coal mining has a future

    Polish coal and mining have a future. We do not need to say today that this is a branch of the economy that is inevitably going to the end – Minister of State Assets Jacek Sasin said today during the Barbórka celebrations in Bogdanka near Lublin.

    The minister pointed out that Poland is a country that cares about its energy security. – Today, energy security is based on coal – Sasin said. He added that we currently do not have other real energy sources in our own resources that will allow us to generate the right amount of energy for households and industry. He reserved however, that Poland did not reject the transition towards renewable energy sources. Sasin emphasized that Polish coal and Polish mining have a future and added that one can think optimistically that mining will continue to be an extremely important part of the Polish economy. The head of the Ministry of State Assets reminded that the government is planning the development of the Lublin Coal Basin.

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