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    A goat blew up Russian soldiers. The Russians bombed themselves [VIDEO]

    In eastern Ukraine, in the Zaporizhzhia oblast, an unusual event took place. Soldiers of the Russian Federation were neutralised by tripwires they set themselves. Information provided by the Central Intelligence Agency of Ukraine suggests that a stray goat was the perpetrator of the “attack”.

    The incident occurred at a medical facility in the village of Kinski Rozdory. Forty Russian occupiers were stationed there, and in order to protect the building, they established a “circular defence” by connecting tripwires to grenades around the perimeter of the medical facility.


    However, a goat from a neighbouring farm found its way into the area around the building. The stray animal walked around the medical facility, leading to the release of several explosive charges. This set off a chain reaction.



    All 40 Russian soldiers were to be injured in the explosion. The stray goat helped the Ukrainian troops to neutralise the occupants.


    The Russians fired on themselves with a missile


    A report appeared on Twitter today, in which the Visegrad24 portal relayed that Russian troops were supposed to have fired a rocket in the Luhansk region, which in turn was supposed to return to its starting point and blow up the place. Below, we publish the footage of the incident.



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