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    Ms Zofia Czekalska 'Sosenka', liaison officer in the Warsaw Uprising, celebrates her 99th birthday

    Zofia Czekalska ‘Sosenka’ is celebrating her 99th birthday today. Heartfelt wishes are also given to Mrs Zofia by internet users. How can you join them? You can find out more below!

    Zofia Czekalska, née Sosnowska, was born on 6 July 1923 in Tomaszów Mazowiecki. In the Home Army, in the “Chrobry II” grouping, she was a liaison officer. “Chrobry II” was formed on 1 August 1944 in Warsaw, calling up soldiers from various units. Insurgents from the grouping fought in the western part of Srodmiescie Polnocne (North Midtown – editor’s note).


    Ms Zofia got out of there alive many times. In an interview with Marta Brzezińska-Waleszczyk, Ms Zofia admitted that she experienced a lot of luck and survived the toughest moments.


    “I miraculously survived four times. Once at the aforementioned bomb. Another time we went to get the airdrops. A friend was walking by, she was hit by a sniper. She fell. Later I was walking somewhere with an order. I hear: “Cow!” (‘Nebelwarfer’ a type of a seriously destructive German missile used during WWII. It was called ‘cow’ in Polish, because of its sound – editor’s note). I managed to leave the room. I grabbed the door handle, and here three floors flew down. Lodz, already after the uprising, we were driven no one knew where. They were going to shoot us. I survived four times. God’s grace,” she said in the interview on the Aleteia portal.


    Zofia Czekalska on 29 July 2018. “For her meritorious work in commemorating the truth about Poland’s recent history” was awarded the Golden Cross of Merit by the President of the Republic of Poland.


    Anyone of you can send your best wishes to Ms Zofia. All you have to do is visit the ‘Nie zapomnij O Nas, Powstańcach Warszawskich’ profile on Facebook and add your comment under today’s post. All wishes will be forwarded to the birthday girl.


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