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    Volleyball Nations League: The Netherlands had no chance with the Poles

    This was the penultimate match for the Poles in the third round. The match was demanding. For the first time in 14 years, the Dutch scored more than 19 points in a set, but that did not allow them to win the match.

    The first set started with a slight advantage for the Dutch. However, the Poles quickly woke up and started to finish their actions. Until the technical break, both teams were going head-to-head. After that, the Poles started to play quick actions, which caused a lot of problems for the Dutch. At the end of the set, the white-and-reds clearly wanted to bring the match to an end and quickly gained the advantage winning 25:19. 


    In the second set, both teams fought for every point. Both teams made a lot of service errors. Until the technical break, the Poles were slightly in the lead. For the rest of the set, the red-and-whites tried to maintain the lead, but ineffectively. When the Dutch drew at 17:17, Grbić asked for a time out to mobilise the team. And it worked! The Poles did not let up and eventually won the second set as well. 


    The beginning of the third set was very difficult. Both the Dutch and the Poles played hard and did not give up the ball easily. However, by the technical break it was the Poles who managed to gain the lead (12:8). After the break, the Poles lost control of the match and very soon the Dutch drew 12:12. The end of the set was very tense. The Dutch tried to level the score until the very end, but the Poles proved to be better and won!


    Poland – Netherlands 3:0 (25:19, 25:23, 25:22)

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