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    Following a tragic gas explosion which claimed the lives of 8 people, the authorities of the city of Szczyrk issued a town-wide mourning period. Many houses displayed flags with a black ribbon of grievance and all state flags in the Silesian voivodeship are being flown at half mast.

    A gas explosion took place in a house in the city of Szczyrk in southern Poland on Wednesday evening. The first report about the incident was called in at 6:26 PM, with the first respondents arriving just 10 minutes later. During the search and rescue operation which lasted several hours and involved hundreds of people, remains of 8 people were found among the rubble: 4 adults and 4 children.
    The residents of Szczyrk pointed out on Thursday morning that in this town of 5.600 residents where, as they said, everyone knows each other, the mourning was made regardless of the calls to honor the victims. The family which died was known in the local community as well as in the world of winter sports.


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