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    Burnt car and remains inside. X-Files police officers return to the mysterious case [PHOTOS]

    Police officers from the Poznan X-Files operating at the Provincial Police Headquarters in Poznan have taken up the case of the deaths of two people eighteen years ago. They have serious doubts about the initial findings. They believe that it was a homicide and that the car was set on fire to cover the tracks.

    In February 2004, on a forest road in the village of Jamnice near Brzeziny in the Kalisz district, someone had come across a completely burnt-out Skoda Favorit. Inside the wreckage, human remains had been found in the driver and passenger seats. The police officers, who dealt with the case, quickly established that it was a pallet manufacturer and his wife. They lived just three kilometres away in the village of Włocin Kolonia, in the Sieradz district. 


    Local officers established that the couple had left home the day before to visit their family in Jamnice. However, they have never reached their destination.


    The car was parked on a forest road. The experts found no damage or short-circuit to the electrical system that could have caused the fire. They did, however, come to the surprising conclusion that the car’s windows were down, and the fire had broken out in the front part of the cabin. They also concluded that a flammable substance may have been used to set the fire. It was also established that one of the victims was still alive at the time of the fire.


    Police officers from the X-Files analysed the entire case in detail. They studied the expert opinions. On this basis, they have accepted the version that someone could have had a motive to murder Zdzisław and Halina Bachor.


    We are therefore asking anyone who has any information in this case to contact the police.


    The police officers of the X-Files in Poznań are waiting: 


    tel. (+48) 572 900 236


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