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    “Leaks” concerning Russia's “Ghostwriter” operation  

    TVN decided to address several questions to the editorial office of ‘Gazeta Polska’ regarding the materials published as part of the email pseudo-affair, which in practice is the realization of the scenario of the Kremlin-led ‘Ghostwriter’ operation. In response to the hoax, ‘Gazeta Polska’ and Tomasz Sakiewicz decided to ask TVN why it gives credence to this targeted operation by Russian and Belarusian services against Poland.  

    Further materials have been posted online, allegedly coming from the email inbox of the head of the Prime Minister’s Chancellery, Michał Dworczyk. That is another version of the Russian “Ghostwriter” operation aimed at discrediting the government in Warsaw and increasing social tensions. This time, the publicized material concerns alleged contacts between the Prime Minister’s Chancellery and journalists.  

    A TVN journalist sent questions to the editorial office of ‘Gazeta Polska’ regarding the emails presented. By giving credence, as a major news editorial board, to leaks posted on social media, TVN fits into the narrative outlined in the Kremlin’s operation ‘Ghostwriter.’  

    “Ghostwriter” is an operation conducted by cyber-security forces of countries hostile to NATO, primarily Belarus and the Russian Federation. The perpetrators originally stole data that allowed false, disinformative content to be posted on attacked websites.  

    “The operations initially targeted citizens of Lithuania, Latvia and Poland, with false narratives using attacked websites, hacked email addresses to disseminate fabricated content, including falsified correspondence from military officials,” Mandiant, a cyber security company, reported in the report.   

    Media and journalists of the Free Speech Zone (Polish: Strefa Wolnego Słowa) have already fallen victim to hacking attacks several times as part of this operation.  

    Because of the situation, ‘Gazeta Polska’ and editor-in-chief Tomasz Sakiewicz decided to ask TVN’s editorial office several questions.  

    1) For what reasons does the TVN web portal involve its employees in the GRU operation, which US analysts have called Ghostwriter?  

    2) Does the TVN web portal and the TV station of that name benefit financially from the distribution of Russian provocations?  

    3) Is the involvement of the TVN web portal in the GRU Ghostwriter operations related to the connections of former and current TVN employees with the communist services?  

    The editors of the ‘GP’ are waiting for answers to the submitted questions.   


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