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    Disturbing reports from the Serbia-Kosovo border. Unofficially: There has been an exchange of fire. Alarm sirens can be heard

    “There are reports of gunfire heard in Novi Paza, south of Serbia near the Kosovo border,” Firam news informs on Twitter. Unconfirmed information is emerging that there has been an exchange of fire between the Serbian Army and Kosovo Police.

    Footage has emerged on social media from the Serbia-Kosovo border area, in which sirens and machine gun fire can be heard. According to unconfirmed reports, the images come from the town of Novi Pazar, which is located just over 10 kilometres west of the Serbian and Kosovo borders.



    “Vladimir Đukanović, a member of the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia, wrote on Twitter: “Lord, help our citizens in Kosovo and Metohija. The incoming information is terrible.” Đukanovic explained nothing further,” Cezary Faber, the founder of ‘Kataklizmy w Polsce i na świecie’ [English: Cataclysm in Poland and the world] on Facebook, wrote on Twitter. 



    “The Kosovo Police communicated on Facebook that two border crossings in Brnjak and Jarinje have been closed to traffic. The others are functioning normally. There is no mention of any clashes,” he added. 








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