In the initial phase of the war, Russia's main objective was to conquer strategic areas in Ukraine as quickly as possible and inflict as many losses as possible. The element of surprise was to work. In addition, the Kremlin hoped that the West would not be sanguine about helping Kyiv any time soon. In the meantime, Ukraine put up strong resistance from the outset and, rearmed by Poland, the United States and the United Kingdom, among others, inflicted heavy losses on the invaders. The war also proved that the Russian army was not at all as powerful as the Kremlin leadership portrayed it to be.


In such circumstances, Russia did everything it could to fulfil at least part of the military objectives it had set itself. Hence, among other things, the decision to launch coordinated attacks on key locations in Ukraine. 


The interlocutor of the portal, Lt Col Denys Smazny, stated that the first month of the war was the worst. 


“There were almost no breaks in the Russian attacks. The attack on Kyiv ended, it started on Izium, then on Odesa and so on one by one,” he pointed out. 


He also revealed details of the largest missile attack on Kyiv. 


“The massive attack from Russia came both on land and in the sky. Seven aircraft were shot down in 11 minutes. Almost the entire squadron laid down! It seems to have been a last-chance operation. We inflicted heavy damage on them, after which the air strikes on Kyiv stopped,” added the officer of the Ukrainian air defence forces.