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    Thousands of dead fish in Oder

    Thousands of fish died in the Lubush part of the Oder river because of contamination. The necessary samples are taken and sent for examination. Also, the river is monitored. According to local residents, especially anglers, the signs of pollution have been visible for a couple of days now in different parts of the river and the steps have been taken too late.

    According to scientists, the source of contamination is mesitylene. It is a colorless liquid with a sweet aromatic odor. It is used as a solvent and it is strongly poisonous. Probably, the river was contaminated by the end of July. The Central Institute for Labour Protection – National Research Institute classified the substance detected in Oder as harmful, irritating and dangerous to the environment. It is harmful by inhalation and also irritating to eyes, respiratory system and skin. It may cause long-lasting unfavorable changes in the aquatic environment and organisms.


    Daniel Deręgowski/Wadim Tyszkiewicz/Facebook

    After the first reports from anglers, the services have began to catch the dead fish from the water. Unfortunately, it is a tedious and long-lasting operation. Dead fish are in the water in the length of many kilometers and collecting all of them is practically impossible. An additional problem is the birds that feed on carcasses and can also be poisoned. 


    The violator remains unknown. The case is investigated by the police.

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