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    Attractive prices in Poland – Czechs come to refuel and go shopping

    Firstly, the Polish authorities lowered VAT on many grocery store products in spring. Secondly, the fuel prices in Poland are the most attractive in the EU. These two factors attract citizens of the Czech Republic to come to Poland for shopping and refueling. Despite the distance, they save money on each visit to Polish markets and fuel stations.

    According to PKN Orlen’s report (read more here), fuel prices in Poland have been the lowest in the entire European Union for the past four weeks. It attracts our neighbouring countries to visit Poland and buy fuel and groceries at a better price.

    Czechs can save up to PLN 80 on fuel and up to PLN 150 on groceries in Poland. Mainly, they visit such cities as Istebna, Bogumin, and Cieszyn. It could be said that they select places that can be reached within 20 km. They search for information about sales and price reductions on the Internet. The most wanted groceries include dairy products, carbonated drinks, meat and cold cuts.

    Czechs recall situation from 40 years ago, when Poles visited their country for shopping.

    “The tables have turned, Poles looted our stores once. They bought everything – chocolate, vodka, and left empty shelves. And now we go to Poland, I don’t see anything wrong with that. Business is business.”, one of the members of the Czech group in social media devoted to shopping in Poland left a comment.



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