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    The oldest Polish woman Wanda Szajowska died at the age of 111

    Wanda Szajowska was the oldest Polish woman for a week. Poland’s Prime Minister said goodbye to the late Wanda Szajowska on Facebook. The oldest Polish woman, and possibly the oldest pianist in the world, has died at the age of 111.

    “Mrs Wanda Szajowska, who after the death of Mrs Tekla Juniewicz held the honour of being the oldest living Polish woman, has passed away. She was 111 years old and was probably the oldest pianist in the world. / The fate of Mrs Wanda is an illustration of the turbulent history of Poland in the 20th century. She was born in Lviv, where she graduated from the conservatory. After World War II, she moved to Krakow, where she taught art history and piano, and in Salwator she entertained neighbours with playing until her last days,” Prime Minister Morawiecki recalled wrote on Facebook.



    Szajowska became the oldest Polish woman after the death of Tekla Juniewicz (August 19), who was 116. Juniewicz was the second oldest person in the world.

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