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    An ad for an obscene act on a tram in Poznań. The carrier and the city council do not comment on the matter

    What is fisting? Let us just clarify that it is a type of perverse sexual activity. What is more important, is that an in-depth explanation and surreptitious advertising (two in one) were to appear before the eyes of passengers on the Poznan public transport system. The carrier remains silent, as do the city authorities.

    Excerpts from publications from news portals, world news or the weather forecast – all this makes the journey of Poznan’s public transport passengers more pleasant. Similar solutions are in operation in many cities across Poland. The content is displayed on monitors in the vehicles.



    Poznań – the city of sensations


    A specially prepared algorithm likely selects the content to be reproduced from information portals on Poznan’s public transport. It became problematic on Friday.


    “What is fisting and what is it about?” – is the title of an article that was published on the portal and further – on the monitor of one of Poznań’s trams. At least according to a photo published by an Internet user. It is hard to think otherwise, after all, it is in vain to find any denials from the carrier or the city hall.


    Why does the public express outrage? The text includes passages such as:


    “Fisting is defined as a type of fondling involving the insertion of the whole hand into the vagina or rectum”,


    “During the “intense form” of fisting, the hand is inserted into the intimate area up to the forearm”.


    The faux pas was much greater when it turned out that the article itself was sponsored. In other words – a specific entity paid for the publication of a particular piece of content, although probably to the codziennypoznań.pl portal, but not to the Poznań-based carrier. In this case, we are talking about a chain of stationary and online sex shops.


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