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    Born to the saber

    The history of the saber and its impact on the history of Poland is the subject of the film “Born to the saber”, which was shown on Tuesday on “History” television. Feature-documentary story by Paweł Deląg presents saber symbolism, noble traditions and Polish myths on this subject.

    The Polish saber is inherent in the nobility culture. She was surrounded with exceptional reverence and respect. Sabers were consecrated, passed from father to son along with the tradition of family glory associated with it. Legend has it that sons were baptized on the crossed sabers, and the captured ones were passed along with the banners as an offering to God – in this way the “History” channel encourages watching the film. “History” is an American television station (formerly The History Channel), which has been broadcasting in Poland since 2008. The film was directed by Paweł Deląg, who also played the role of Jan Jerlicz.

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