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    Volleyball Men’s World Championship: Poles became the World Vice-Champions. Italy did not give up

    It was obvious that the match against Italy would not be easy. Both teams were eager to win their fifth medal at the World Championships. Italy did not give the Poles a chance. They used every mistake of the Poles, every lack of concentration and won 3:1.

    The first set started with a very even game. Both the Poles and the Italians fought for every point. In the middle, however, the Poles seemed to lose their way and allowed their rival to come out on top. The end looked uninteresting. The Italians were leading 21:17, but what started to happen was absolutely amazing. The Poles made up the losses and won the set with 25:22.


    The second set started phenomenally. The Poles were very motivated and determined. Nevertheless, at one point they seemed to let up and the Italians took advantage by making up for it. They quickly took the lead and maintained it until the very end. This allowed them to win the second set.


    The next set started very nervously. The Poles’ game fell apart and they allowed their rivals to take the initiative. The Italians exploited every weak point in the Polish team and uncompromisingly won the third set 25:18 as well. 


    The fourth set started, for a change, with a very even game. The Poles tried their best, but could not get their act together. Many points were given away ‘for free’. The Polish team lacked determination and the Italians effectively exploited every mistake, every lack of concentration. They defeated Poles and became the World Champions. 


    Poland – Italy 1:3 (25:22, 21:25, 18:25, 20:25)

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