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    XVI International Numismatic Congress INC 2022 in Warsaw

    The International Congress, which takes place every six years, represents the world renowned event in the field of Numismatics. It is attended by a great number of people and attracts scholars, curators of coin collections, auction houses and auction dealers from the five Continents. The Congress forms a part of the politics for the promotion, conservation, valorization and fruition of the material and immaterial Cultural Heritage. Until Friday, the XVI Numismatic Congress will take place in Warsaw. About 700 participants take part in it, mostly stationary. This is the most important event of this type in the world.

    The University of Warsaw is the main organizer of the congress. The co-organizers are: the Polish Numismatic Society, the National Museum in Warsaw, the National Museum in Krakow, the Royal Castle in Warsaw and the National Bank of Poland. The patronage over the congress was taken by The International Numismatic Council. Meetings under its auspices have been held since 1927.

    The congress program includes 97 sessions, 13 round tables and a poster session. The deliberations of the congress take place in the Old Warsaw University Library.

    Congress is the occasion to reflect on the area of Numismatics, its methods, its advances and also the problems that it faces. It is therefore a unique opportunity for curators, historians, professional experts, collectors and all participants to meet one another and to share their passion to make fruitful contacts, and to initiate projects.

    The congress is accompanied by occasional exhibitions. On the university campus there are 3 poster exhibitions: “Coin Cabinets of the University of Warsaw”, “Thesaurus Polonicus: Numismatic Rarities in the Polish Collections” and “History of Numismatic Milieu in Poland” (University Central Campus), located in the Old Warsaw University Library, the Tyszkiewicz Palace (in the university museum) and in front of the entrance to the Tyszkiewicz Palace in Krakowskie Przedmieście. 


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